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Open Journals

  • MedEdPORTAL - A peer-reviewed, open-access journal that promotes educational scholarship and dissemination of teaching and assessment resources in the health professions.

Course Resources

  • MedEdPORTAL - MedEdPORTAL Publications is a free publication service provided by the Association of American Medical Colleges in partnership with the American Dental Education Association.
  • Medical | Open.Michigan - The mission of the U-M Medical School is to educate students, physicians, and biomedical scholars and to provide a spectrum of comprehensive knowledge, research, patient care and service of the highest quality to the people of the State of Michigan and beyond.
  • MERLOT Health Sciences Portal - Welcome to the MERLOT Health Sciences Portal, an educational resource for teaching and learning. This site includes over 40 different subjects including dentistry, nursing, nutrition, pharmacy and radiology.
  • MERLOT Health Sciences Search page - Start searching for health sciences at this page.
  • Nursing Open - Locate free information for nursing including activities, audio, video, free course, course, and community.
  • Nursing Resources Open Michigan - Lead by the University of Michigan's School of Nursing.
  • Open Educational Resources for Nursing Education - GW School of Nursing is pleased to share this collection of Open Educational Resources (OERs) for use by nurse educators worldwide.
  • Portal of Geriatrics Online Education (POGOe) - The Portal of Geriatrics Online Education (POGOe) is free collection of expert-contributed geriatrics educational materials for educators and learners. POGOe's mission is to encourage the free exchange of teaching and assessment materials in order to promote geriatrics education in the fields of geriatrics and gerontology. You will find teaching tools, images, videos, a question bank, and much more.
  • Skills Commons Material Type - From Skills Commons

Interactive Resources

  • MedlinePlus Interactive Health Games - Provided by MedlinePlus, "boost your health knowledge by playing with the 35 interactive health games."
  • Health Check Tools: MedlinePlus - From MedlinePlus. "Assess your health with interactive tools such as calculators, quizzes, and questionnaires. You can check your risk for heart disease, calculate your ideal weight and body mass, find out how many calories your favorite exercise burns, and more."
  • Nursing - Wisc-Online OER - Interactive tutorials in the area of nursing. You will find 25 free learning objects that can help you learn, study, or teach Nursing.


  • MedlinePlus - Health videos made available to you by the U.S. National Library of Medicine. Watch health videos on topics such as anatomy and body systems, surgical procedures and health news. Test your knowledge with interactive tutorials and games. Check your health with calculators and quizzes.
  • TEDMED videos - Provides video presentations from 2009 to the present about health and medicine.
  • Radiation Emergency medical Management - REEM - Video Library