Donating to a Fund

Scholarship Fund: The University of Lunsar serves a population of very modest means. A majority of our prospective students come from poor homes. Scholarships to deserving students will enable them to access the quality education we have to offer. You can donate to the general scholarship fund or establish a Named Scholarship to honor a parent or anyone else. It will be a full scholarship that comes with its requirements to be set by the donor.

Solar Energy Fund: One of the goals of the University of Lunsar is to provide 24-hour electricity and reliable fast internet service on the campus. Solar is being installed in all the buildings, and solar street poles are being installed to illuminate the campus. This fund will help the university create a conducive learning environment for a 21st-century institution.

Student Laptop Fund: The University of Lunsar requires all students to have laptops since a lot of their work and communication with their lecturers regarding their academic work will be done electronically. They also need laptops to access e-books, e-libraries, lectures, and other resources that enhance teaching and learning. This fund will help our students meet the demands of the good and relevant education the University of Lunsar seeks to offer.

Giving to the University Foundation Fund

The University of Lunsar is the newest in Sierra Leone. It has no alumni. It depends on the goodwill of everyone to begin to build an endowment fund that will support the teaching, research, and public service mission of the university. Your donation to the university foundation is fully tax-deductible in America.

Your donations can make a difference. Please put the amount you want to donate in the form below. Thank you.