Health Centre

University Health Centre

The University Health Centre provides evaluation and treatment for illnesses and injuries, assistance in managing chronic disease and offers comprehensive programme in health education and health maintenance. The Centre is open to all students, faculty, staff, and the public.

In the event of an obvious severe injury or illness, the student should go immediately to the nearest hospital. If on campus, the health Centre staff will provide first aid and then have the student transferred to the Mabessaneh hospital. The student will be responsible for all hospital charges.

Hours of operation are currently Monday—Friday, 8 am—4:30 pm; closed Saturday - Sunday

After hours illness or injuries: Emergency consultation services are available 24-hours a day, 7 days a week from on-call professionals. They will give advice related to your complaints but cannot assess you over the telephone. If you experience a severe illness or injury you should go immediately to Mabessaneh hospital.

Students who pay a small health fee will use the health Centre at a discount of about 50% of the normal rate of services including tests and medications.

Health Centre Services include:

The Health Centre is staffed by 1 doctor, 1 nurse practitioner, 2 community health officers (CHO), 3 nurses and 2 laboratory technicians.

We can treat for most all primary care complaints, including:

• Respiratory problems • Urinary tract problems
• Sinus and pneumonia concerns • Emotional health concerns including anxiety, depression, and other mental health issues.
• General dermatology including acne, concerning moles, and rashes • Headache
• Gynecological issues • Sleep problems
• Contraceptive counseling and prescriptions • Immunizations
• Pregnancy diagnosis and counseling • Referrals to specialists if needed
• Orthopedic injuries • Abdominal complaints
• Comprehensive physical exams for general wellness care or completion of physical exam forms