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The University of Lunsar is a small private research University established with the avowed goal of providing quality and affordable education to students in Sierra Leone and around the world. Inspired by the “Wisconsin Idea,” the founders of the University of Lunsar believes that the existence of the University is predicated upon the conviction that it should improve the lives of those within the community and those around the world.

It is no secret that the economic, social and political changes taking place in the world favour a global knowledge economy. The collapse of education in Sierra Leone, and the stark realization that the 21st Century is a world whose economy is driven by knowledge, necessitated the founding of the University of Lunsar. A Wisconsin Idea is needed in Sierra Leone.

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The mission of the University of Lunsar is to make quality education affordable and accessible to students in the country of Sierra Leone, and others from around the world.


The University of Lunsar seeks to become a premier university in Teaching, Research, and Community Service in the West African sub-region.



The University of Lunsar was founded by a Sierra Leonean couple, Dr. Sheikh Umarr and Dr. Marie
Umar-Kamarah, in 2016.

❝ Why The University Of Lunsar? ❞

The World Bank report quoted above (Republic of Sierra Leone Higher and Tertiary Education Sector Policy) also states that “there is an undersupply of skills in the identified growth areas of applied sciences, technology and engineering sectors. Sierra Leone needs skilled doctors and other health workers, science and mathematics teachers, engineers, technicians…to support the main growth areas and to provide basic human services.”

The University of Lunsar steps in to begin to address the concerns raised in the World Bank Report of 2013. The national public institutions have proved incapable of adequately addressing the above concerns. They lack the capacity, the human and material resources to cope with the boom in the demand for higher education in Sierra Leone decades after the war. The University of Lunsar seeks to provide access to affordable and quality education to students who You’re invited to learn more about us! Stay connected and Contact Us for queries.

Matriculate to the university, and to produce highly skilled and knowledgeable graduates needed to create strong institutions “that are essential for growth and democracy." The University of Lunsar, through its Department of Continuing Education, will also provide access to those who otherwise are not qualified to enter university to pursue degree courses. To serve this population, the University of Lunsar will offer Certificate and Diploma courses in several professions such as construction engineering, Motor mechanics, Tailoring and the like that would enhance the creation of a middle-level workforce. These graduates can also become entrepreneurs, creating jobs and contributing to the health of the economy.

To succeed in providing quality and affordable education, the University of Lunsar intends to employ highly qualified lecturers in all disciplines, and to provide adequate resources that enhance teaching and learning for both lecturers and students. In a world where societies are seen to be developing into knowledge-based information economies, Technology “becomes a key driver of both economic competitiveness and social development,” and “fluency in IT has thus become a central pillar of higher education.” The University of Lunsar will provide twenty-four-hour electricity and high-speed internet that would allow access to online teaching and online library resources.