Tuition, Fees and Payment

Tuition and Fees

University of Lunsar tuition and fees for the fiscal year 2021-2022 are determined by the student’s residency status, classification level, and course of study.

  • Classification: Undergraduate, graduate, and continuing education students.
  • Mandatory fees: Students are required to pay the following fees each year. Rates vary based on student classification and enrollment.
  • University fee: Supports campus and bathroom maintenance, library services, and tutor services.
  • Technology fee: Supports university-wide technological initiatives.
  • Microscopy Laboratory fee: A fee charged to students enrolled in a microbiology lab for the use of the microscope, the microscopy slides containing a variety of organisms and components for disease identification, and the expertise of the microscopy laboratory facility.
  • Laboratory fee: A fee charged to students enrolled in anatomy and physiology lab and other lab courses to cover the cost of lab materials.
  • Health fee (optional): Covers unlimited visits to University Clinic, after-hours phone advice for urgent medical problems, and most laboratory tests, but does not cover accidental injury or hospitalization.
  • Dinning fee (Optional): Covers breakfast and lunch (Monday – Friday)
  • Housing: Housing costs vary based on where students live. The university does not have campus housing currently.
Tuition/Fees Amount Leones ($)
Tuition Le 10,000,000 ($1,000)
University fee Le 500,000
Technology fee Le 1,000,000
Microscopy lab fee Le 500,000
Lab fee Le 500,000
Health fee (Optional) To be determined
Dinning fee (Optional) To be determined

In addition to mandatory fees, students may be assessed Programme and course fees.
The University of Lunsar reserves the right to revise or alter all tuition and fees costs, and regulations at any time.